kaugseire veebiseminar

09.09.2021 11:15

Shaohui Zhang tutvustab oma Prantsusmaa magistrantuuri tulemusi (GEDI LiDARi kasutamisest metsainventuuriks) ja räägib doktorantuuri plaanidest Soomes lehepinna-indeksi teemadel. Põhjalikum ülevaade siin. Ettekanne on inglise keeles.  Veerand tundi enne seminari algust on võimalik siseneda e-keskkonda kasutades allolevat linki: https://button.ut.ee/b/tul-eyp-3c4


Shaohui Zhang will make a presentation:  "Unit-level Small Area Estimation of Forest Inventory with GEDI Auxiliary Information". The presentation will give an overview of the results of Shaohui Zhang's master studies in France (GEDI LiDAR for Forest Inventory) and introduction to plans for doctoral studies in Finland regarding Leaf Area Index. Detailed overview and contact information about the presentation can be found here.

Everybody can join the webinar from the link below which will become active 15 minutes before the start of the seminar. You are also welcomed to distribute the invitation and webinar link to everybody interested: https://button.ut.ee/b/tul-eyp-3c4