kaugseire veebiseminar

25.03.2021 14:15


Geospatial for Hydrology - the background of EstSoil-EH

Ühine veebiseminariga: https://button.ut.ee/b/tul-eyp-3c4

Alex is a Marie Curie research fellow in Geoinformatics at the Department of Geography at the University of Tartu, working on geospatial data management and web- and cloud-based geoprocessing with a particular focus on land use, soils, hydrology, hydrogeology and water quality data.

EstSoil-EH development originally started out of Alex's need for a citable, open, reproducible dataset of actionable soil variables for hydrological modelling applications, in particular SWAT. As the work matured, the potential of a national reference soil dataset became apparent and EstSoil-EH was formally published. In addition, new significant use cases emerge around the carbon variables in EstSoil-EH which were developed via a machine-learning model.