Kaugseire veebi-seminar

22.04.2021 14:15

Dr Jan Peter George will make a presentation: "European-wide net primary productivity and tree mortality data: prospects for remote sensing, ecological modelling, and disaster management" (Üleeuroopalised primaarproduktsiooni ja puude suremuse andmed: väljavaated kaugseires, ökoloogilises modelleerimises ja katastroofide ohjamine)

A short summary:

In this talk I will introduce the datasets used in the Mobilitas Project “How dry is too dry? Quantifying the adverse effects of droughts for European forests across the last two decades”.

I will talk about latest MODIS products that provide integrated land information such as net primary productivity and show illustrative examples how to link those data with environmental variables.

Secondly, I will present tree mortality data from the ICP Forest network covering entire Europe and show how these data can be utilized for monitoring a prominent tree disease (ash dieback) at continental scale.

Everybody can join the webinar from the link below which will become active half an hour before the start of the seminar: